Core eCommerce

ShopNow offers a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution which gives you complete flexibility and control over the functionality of your online channel. Search engine optimization, catalog management, and powerful marketing tools enable you to create sites that provide an unrivaled shopping experience for your customers.

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    • Catalog management
    • Catalog and product browsing
    • Checkouts, payments, and shipping
    • Order management
    • Customer accounts
    • Customer service
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Content management

WeChat eCommerce

We fully integrate WeChat functions into ShopNow Cloud to maximize the full potential of your social eCommerce.

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    • WeChat design
    • WeChat log-in
    • WeChat Pay
    • WeChat user authorization
    • WeChat messaging
    • Voice recognition
    • Viral coupons
    • Gift cards
    • LBS (Location-based services)
    • Customer service

China Localization

China specific UX designs, to China specific payment integration and Chinese logistics tracking, ShopNow ensures that your Chinese audience can easily navigate your website and enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience.”

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    • China localization
    • Language, date & time and currency formats
    • UX/UI localization
    • Checkout & registration process
    • Mobile-centric approach
    • Social Media integration
    • Logistic tracking
    • Payment integration

Multichannel Integration

By increasing your site’s lifetime value and optimizing your customer engagement, ShopNow’s multichannel integration features help you become more productive and understand your customers on a whole new level. Automatic social media logins speed up access. Account binding unifies and synchronizes multiple accounts under the same phone number and increases communication between different devices. Leveraging data and services across channels improves efficiency. While a comprehensive dashboard view provides information about customers, products, prices, orders, promotions, inventory, interactions, and stores.

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    • Mobile-centric login & registration
    • Social media logins via mobile and desktop
    • WeChat auto login
    • WeChat official account integration
    • Account binding across different devices

Cross-Border eCommerce

Guides you through every step of your cross-border eCommerce process in China!

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    • Chinese ID verification
    • Customs platform connectivity
    • Cross-border warehousing & logistics
    • Domestic & cross-border payment integration
    • Cross-border tax integration & calculations
    • Order amount control in accordance with custom regulation

Premium Features

ShopNow provides powerful enterprise features for marketing, customer loyalty plans, and enhanced shopping. Through product reviews, blog posts, and FAQs, your business will extend its customer base. By ensuring consistent integration and fluid business processes, you can effortlessly launch new stores. You can also manage all your channels, brands, and locations with a single, comprehensive platform — even when using multiple sites, languages, and currencies.

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    • Closed logins
    • Return Management Authorization (RMA)
    • Membership loyalty programs
    • Referral program
    • Advanced search functionality using Solr
    • Catalog-layered navigation module
    • B2B quote management
    • Enterprise dedicated cloud instant
    • A full rest API support
    • Customization on demand

Cloud Hosting & Support

Fast, reliable, and secure, ShopNow offers both scalable, single region and multi-region hosting solutions through our cloud and individual hosting solutions. By rendering prompt, responsive solutions to your end-users’ IT challenges, ShopNow provides continuous support to keep your business up and running.

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    • Separate web and database architecture
    • Full page caching of static content
    • Extendable web & server architecture
    • Security prevention of DDOS attacks and break-ins
    • Single- or multi-region geo hosting
    • 24/7 cloud monitoring
    • Help desk to support for changes and issue requests

Advanced UX Features

Through the years of practice and optimization, we understand the ‘happy path’ favored by Chinese consumers, more than just an easy-to-use, clear navigation flow and quick check-out process, we focus on relationship building. Rich interaction and mobile gestures create a great experience between you, your product and customers.

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    • Product slider module
    • Ajax shopping cart module
    • Responsive slideshow
    • Ext. product slider module
    • Navigation menu module (Mega menu)
    • Sticky menu
    • Infinite Ajax scrolling for rapid pagination
    • Banner management